Weaton Digital provides Imaging services to businesses for tech stories, product visualizations, and advertising.

We do this in a few ways based on your needs:

For product launches or packaging and when there is no product available, we model, texture, animate, render and add effects/retouching to represent your product or the product of your client. This could be a still render for presale or sell-in, a technology story with animation showing features and benefits, and effects to tell the full story.

For products that are available, we can model, texture, render and retouch to

best represent your product or artwork. We do texture studies to best represent the materials as they would be in the real world.

For your heavy creative work, we can create just about anything, working with your team along  side our art directors and artists to help to represent your brand and company.


Contact us to talk about your next project:

Phone: 303-819-2416