The first post

There are a lot of blogs and information in the world, that’s no doubt. But the world is constantly changing and there is a lot of information that needs to be sorted through.

I’ve been in the world of 3D product imaging for 10 years and now, in 2018, I’m just starting to see it get more traction. Here’s a video done by New Balance using Modo, a software that I’ve been using for 10 years.

I also want to show that this is not something that is “Pie in the Sky” and only for the big brands with a lot of money and time, this is something attainable for all brands. 5 years ago, an independent designer came to me with an energy drink he was designing packaging for. For a few hundred dollars, I was able to render packaging shots used on the website to sell the product. I’m really fortunate that I can bring my services to small brands who want a leg up when it comes to competing with larger companies.

So that being said, stay tuned for, what I hope, is information that will help to grow your business. And if you need help with getting a product to market with images or a video story that helps to differentiate your product, contact me. Let’s work together to knock it out of the park!

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