A product’s features are not always transparent. Sometimes it’s even difficult to ascertain the true benefits. Computer Generated Imaging, or CGI, allows your product to pop, whether its through still images for print or animation frame sequences for video.
– Custom HDR environmental lighting: creates accurate lighting on location
– UV mapping and texturing: accurate and photorealism brings images to life
– Rigging: for soft or rigid models
– Animation


Picture perfect pictures often call for simple touch up or colorups with critical PMS colors. For more complex jobs, an elaborate composite tells your story better. Either way, creating images of perfection happens when we team up with your in-house staff.
– Photo direction
– 2D/3D compositing
– Critical color and PMS matching
– Prepress

Motion Design:

The rise of online shopping often means video becomes the critical ingredient in selling your products and benefits properly. A video employing CGI can be a serious difference-maker that keeps your sales in the black and out of the red.
– Design-driven motion
– 2D/3D animation
– Narrative storytelling

The services offered by Weaton Digital Inc. are specific to helping show your products and services in the best way possible and ultimately sell more.  Color accuracy for web and print, product accuracy when the designs were changed after samples were shipped from the factory, and invoking a positive emotional response to your product and brand are ways I can help your company.

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Jarrod Weaton
Digital Artist