Gaiam Fixture Renders

Gaiam has been a great client, and when they were presenting new fixtures for Kohl's and Target, they asked me to render still images and video for the presentation. I worked from Indesign files for artwork and modeled as much product as necessary to fill the space.

Cradl Case

Cradl needed images for print, web and video. By working with the solidworks files, I was able to bring the physically accurate models into Cimema 4D and create a library for each material. Then, when lighting and rendering, each colorway was accurate.  Check out the website at

Product Visualization

You can't always photograph products and often times there are challenges like cameras that reflect into the product, dust, clean surfaces, etc.but in the virtual world, I have full control.

I can light with HDR images, lights, a combination of both, and render a perfect image for catalog, video, print ad, or whatever you need.