Photography and image making drew me in at an early age; I went to film school to study camera work and learn the trade of Director of Photography. While in School, commercial photography, sound editing, video production and marketing filled my curriculum.

I think I’m one of the few people I know still working in the field I studied in school. The field has changed and I have embraced those changes, learning digital imaging at the forefront of the industry in San Francisco, and brought those skills here to Colorado to continue my career and enjoy the mountains.

After working for years as a photographer, working with national clients, I now focus my attention on 3D work (Computer Generated Imagery or CGI) trading my physical cameras for virtual cameras in Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo and other 3D applications.

Retouching is a complimentary skill in conjunction with CGI to create the impossible or on retouching-only projects.

You can learn more about me by downloading my resume here or give me a call to discuss your next project.

Thanks for checking in.

Jarrod Weaton