My ideas make your ideas come to life.

At Weaton Digital, our digital professionals listen, then work, listen some more, work some more, all to uncover the best way to present your ideas and images. We understand your business. We understand your customer. We understand your particular needs to a tee.

CGI - HDR Environmental Lighting

Using spherical HDR photography and unwrapping, we can provide accurate HDR lighting on location for your CG Projects

CGI - Rigging and Animation

Whether we do the modeling or models are provided, we will rig and animate soft or rigid models for accurate motions.

CGI - UV Mapping and textures

Photorealisic and physically accurate textures will make your models come to life.


With more than 14 years experience in commercial Photo retouching, he has the skills to execute any task, and coupled with CGI, anything is possible.

Featured Works

The Coleman Company

The merciless ruggedness of the mighty ocean was captured well for the 2014 edition of the Stearns Safety and Survival Catalog. Credits go to Photographer Jarrod Duncan and Kelly Anderson.

Mini Cooper

Compositing CG models right into actual scenes opens new doors for you. We seamlessly integrated this car into this cityscape, thanks to the power of environmental HDR lighting.

Pearl Izumi Triathlon Body Paint

Once as an art director at this progressive athletic apparel designer, I created body paint images for a campaign developed by Minneapolis-based agency Pocket Hercules. All mesh and stitch started as vector art.