Meet the Artist

Jarrod Weaton has worked as Art Director of an International Sports company and now brings the experience of understanding brand development and product marketing to a Digital Agency. We specialize in CG visualizations, motion graphics and retouching.

CGI - HDR Environmental Lighting

Using spherical HDR photography and unwrapping, we can provide accurate HDR lighting on location for your CG Projects

CGI - Rigging and Animation

Whether we do the modeling or models are provided, we will rig and animate soft or rigid models for accurate motions.

CGI - UV Mapping and textures

Photorealisic and physically accurate textures will make your models come to life.

CGI - Dynamics and Fluids

crumble, shatter, collisions, and fire are a few physical elements we can create in simulations to give life to projects.


Jarrod Weaton has more than 14 years experience in commercial Photo retouching provides skills to execute any task, and coupled with CGI, anything is possible.

Featured Works

The Coleman Company

Working with Jarrod Duncan's images was a lot of fun, creating the look that Kelly Anderson was looking for to use in the Stearns 2014 Safety and Survival Catalog.

iPhone bullet

This was a fun personal project working with glass shatter effect and combining CGI and retouching.

Golite Lifestyle

Photographed by Jason Innes, these environmental portraits were great because they worked as a series. Allowing them each to stand on their own but work as a series is something I don't always get to do.